PUTFTP start time resetting

Hello, I doing a PUTFTP every ten minutes using the following “”[$dtHL$ftT$stL$et_m0$ut]"". Everything is working as expected but every once in awhile, we end up getting a large file which looks like all the data is being resent. Looking through the event logs, i’m guessing that the Flexy rebooted itself and no longer knew where the last sent datapoint was so it started over. Is that what is going on? If so, how do I prevent this from happening? I have attached the support files.

Hi @Lonny,

Do you still need help with this? We are migrating to a new platform so please go to support.hms-networks.com and either create a support case or a forum topic there for help with this issue.

Thank you!

Yes I do. I will post on that site.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. We will get right back to you once you create the case. If you want, you can just provide the link to this post.