Questions from my conversion today with Tim.



Question 1

What does the “Red !” mean, as you can see I populated values in the data column.

What is M-BUS Request and reset mode and what does this do to the meter? When does this command get executed?


Why is the default value set to 25? I most recently changed to 0 meaning no limit set.


Gairy Stephens

Director, IT


Hi Gairy,

I’m just waiting on a response from Sweden but I’ll get back to you as soon as they respond


Sounds good!



Hey Gairy,

Sorry for the delay,

He’s saying that there must be something in the setup that isn’t 100% correct. He said that even if there is some data passing through that is correct, there must still be something off with the setup.

As for why the default is set to 25, I’m not really sure but setting it to 0 will make it so that there is no limitation