I am helping a customer with their eWON Cosy 131. I want to see if I can remotely access his system. Once I install eCatcher, can he give me his credentials to remotely log in. Or does he need to add me? If the later, is there a step to step guide in how to add a user?


Hi Cynthia,

Yes they could give you their credentials to log in. you could also have them create a user under there account so they can have you log in that way.

Here is a video on how to create a user if you choose that option.



Can you call me by any chance.


Can I email some screen shots? I am getting errors when connecting.


Hi Cynthia,

Not sure if your question has been answered. I have tried calling and we seem to be disconnected every time i get through.



Hi Zack,

I was having phone issues the other day. I did a power off reboot (on my phone) and it cleared all of my failed calls. Also, where are you calling from? I get a lot of spam calls and don’t always answer if I don’t recognize the number.

I worked thru my customer’s issues. But, I did have a quick question for you that you can probably steer me in the right direction (and would have helped me solve my customer’s problem if I understood it better). I will be around tomorrow morning after 8:00 am west coast.

Thanks for your follow-up.





Hi Cynthia,

Hee is the document I mentioned on the phone with you today. If you have any other questions please let me know.