RE: Anybus CompactCom


Hi Nolan,

It’s been some time and I have yet to hear anything (although I realize it’s been a long holiday weekend off for some).

Just wanted to knock again and see if anyone was listening. :blush:




Hello Ed,

It looks like Tim responded to you 19 days ago regarding this question, I am not sure why the message might not have been delivered.

Looking at the gsd file here:
The file looks to be configured for the Speed ADI mapping from the GSD it self we have:
Module = “ADI 101 Speed (Starterkit)” 0x43,0xC0,0x00,0x65,0x00
Module = “ADI 102 Ref Speed (Starterkit)” 0x83,0xC0,0x00,0x66,0x00
Module = “ADI 103 Direction (Starterkit)” 0x83,0x80,0x00,0x67,0x00

I am not sure how SIMATIC uses these parameters from the GSD file but I would expect it to see them. Do they offer a way to scan a network? From my experience with Profibus you should at least be able to detect the device on the network.