RE: eFive Technical Assistance_180129

Good morning,

We are in need of immediate assistance pertaining to the connectivity
between your eFive product and nearly a couple dozen of your eWON routers we
currently have deployed in the field.

We have an eFive-25 with twenty one (21) individual eWONs configured, and at
times all of them connected to the gateway. We have been using the eFive
for nearly a year now and have just this past weekend begun to see issues
maintaining connectivity to systems. A soft reboot of the eFive will
provide a momentary fix, and all available eWONS will immediately reconnect,
however given time the eWONs begin to loose connection… though the eFive
maintains that the eWON is still connected, the system is not accessible.

After 24hrs it can be observed, for example: that there are (according to
the eFive “…/cgi-bin/efivevpnstatus.cgi” status page) ten systems actively
connected to the eFive. After 24hrs, however, this remains the same however
there are only one or two eWONS that can be communicated to/from

What solution does HMS eFive provide that will automatically detect (not
erroneously display as connected) and refresh the defunct connected to
maintain use for our customer’s SCADA system…?

This case was resolved offline.

After a bit of diagnostics it appears that a duplicate route was being pushed to the remote sites causing them to go down. The resolution was to disable pushing routes to the client.