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Hello Rugnesh,

Here’s a Breakdown of the solution.

  1. The Profibus Master Simulator will produce Profibus I’O data and set it to the Anybus Gateway (Profibus slave interface)

  2. The Anybus Gateway will transpose the data to the Ethernet/IP

  3. The ControlLogic will request the data from the Ethernet/IP Adapter interface on the Gateway.

Profibus Master Simulator - #017504 -

Anybus Profibus slave to Ethernet/IP Adapter Gateway - #AB7832 -


Rob Wichterman



From: Robert Wichterman

From your drawing the FactoryTalk system is only ethernet capable right?

Rob Wichterman


The Anybus Master Simulator is a third party software which gets loaded onto a Laptop with

goals to simulate the Siemens I/O. It allows communication to any Profibus slave device to

read or write the I/O data.

The Master Simulator also permits the address assignment of the Profibus slaves via the

bus and to display / analyze diagnostic messages of Profibus slaves on the screen.

By using Anybus master simulator, we can set up and test slaves/adapters on EtherNet/IP

without having a Siemens PLC in place.

This option will be used during the proposed Phase 1.



From: Robert Wichterman


Rob Wichterman


Hi Rugnesh,

Are you proposing to connect the PLC directly to the PC or use the Anybus X-Gateway? Connecting the PC as an IO device for the ControlLogix PLC would be Rockwell question.


Hi Kyle,

use the Anybus X-Gateway.



The only way I can see this possibly working is if you have the X-Gateway on the PROFIBUS bus of the Master Simulator. You would have to read your data from the Profibus slaves and write it to the Anybus. Then you could interact with the Data via the ControlLogix.

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