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When setting up alarms , I set the delay for 30 minutes but as soon as the alarm goes active I get the text.

Any thoughts?



What device are you working with?

Is this a Flexy and are you sending out the messages through the tags or through BASIC?




Setting up the alarm in Argos

Roger Smith



Can we get the system ID for this device? Also can you make sure that you syncronized the device after you made these changes?


Roger Smith


Alarm is set for 15 minutes for tower NO FLOW

I was at site to day, tripped alarm and got text in less than a minute


I tried it out on my device and it looks like you have it setup correctly on your device. Can you try and make sure the device was synchronized after the alarm delay was set? If you’re still running into issues can we try and setup a time for a teamviewer session?


Yes it is synced
I am going to be at the site Wednesday afternoon 1PM US central time


I should be free around that time. Can you send me the team viewer id and password when you’re free tomorrow


I have phone service at the location but no internet

Can I call you?

And I made a mistake it will be Thursday not Wednesday afternoon

Roger Smith

Director of Process Control


I can do a phone call, but if there’s any way we can get a hot spot connection or something like that I think we’d be able to debug a lot faster


It is in a basement and I barely 3g on my phone

I don,t have or don’t know where to find a team ID

If I get hooked up how do I Contact you?

Roger Smith


Here’s the teamviewer link

You don’t necessarily need to be onsite for us to make the changes though but if you could log into the admin for the account and then give us teamviewer access we could try and make some modifications