RE: Strings?


Hi Mike,

I’m not sure exactly what a string tag is, but I know it can read Modbus.

Let us know if you have any more specific data on string tags.



The Flexy cannot read strings from a modbus devices. We can only read one mosbus register at a time, two when reading a float value.




Another question. How do you access the DataMailBox from a cloud based software?
My customer is using Ignition and they are having a contract setup the ignition.






Hi Mike,

I can help you with this too. The data mailbox is accesses with the DMweb API. Using this api you are able to pull down the data from the data mailbox. You can find more info from the developer site. Here is a link to the over view page which includes a link to both the DMmailbox api and our Talk2m SDK which includes a few tools and examples.




Thanks for the help but your email did not have a link to the DMmailbox api or the Talk2m SDK.

Can you send me those links?

Thank you again



Hi Michael,

Here is the page for the download and i direct link of the download.

Have a Good Day,