Reading Floating Point values from networked Modbus device registers with Argos device template

I am using an EC310 Netbiter, and I have connected a third-party I/O expansion device that communicates via modbus. I have created a custom device template in the Argos web portal and I am able to connect and read data from this modbus device. I am able to read the configuration registers for the device and also read analog input values, but only as integers. I have a need to read the analog inputs as floating point numbers to get true decimal values. The Modbus register map for this third party device indicates that floating point values are read using a two-register scheme following IEEE754 encoding:

“Objects 1-320 accessed as IEEE754 floating point, 32-bit, double Modbus register”

Inside the template builder in Argos, I do not see a way to indicate that I need to read 2 adjacent registers, say 2001-2002 to retrieve the 32-bits of data of the floating point value. Is this something you can help with?

Also, I made a request through the web site to gain access to some of the HMS device templates. When I did this, I got a 404 web page error that the page/site has been moved. How do I get these templates?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I was able to figure the floating point issue out. I had to select a data type of ‘Swapped floating point’ and then it worked perfectly.

I still would like to know how to gain access to the HMS standard device templates.

Hi @mscardina,

Is there a certain template that you’re looking for? I can grab it for you, I’ll just need a little bit to find it.


Hi Tim, I had requested the template for one of the Extender IO modules, I think the 8 analog input IOX-8AIV would be helpful.

I also have some questions about the Argos software. Should we start a new thread on that?


Here’s the link to the extender io card

netbiter_io_extender-8aiv.xml (3.2 KB)

Depending on how many questions for it, I think it should be fine to just ask the Argos question here