Reading multiple registers error


Hello everybody,

I use the anybus communicator AB7013-C to read few registers from Emerson floboss S600+. The registers for example has an addresses of 4000dec, 4001, 4003, 5003, 7001, 7005.
With the anybus I can read them individually without any problem, but when I try to read 2 or more (2 or more parameters reading commands in the same node), I got led 5 red. Although I still get the readings, but the red means there is something wrong.
Do you know why this happening? What can be changed to solve it. I played with the timeout time, but I didn’t see difference.
I used the same anybus before to read multiple registers from other devices (not floboss) and it worked fine. It happened only this time with the floboss.


Hello @T_Ebrahem,

Are you using modbus RTU on the serial side and are you referring to modbus registers? I only ask because those registers do no look like typical registers.

As for the errors when trying to read 2 you might be sending a command the serial slave does not support. You should be able to take a log to see the full response. If you are using modbus you should be able to match the Rx and Tx messages up with the example shown over on and get the error response.