Reading Status Feedback From Anybus AB7072

I am trying to read a status feedback from an AB7072 Anybus. I have set “Control/Status Word” to “Enable but no Startup Lock” to try and get feedback from the module to an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC. The documentation on the HMS website shows 2 byte (16bit) feedback. Based on the document I should see a Status Code and Data to explain the status error. However, The data i am seeing does not seem to match what the document is stating. I checked to see if this was a byte-swap issue but this does not seem to be the case. I have been looking in the Anybus Manual pages 65-69 on what to do with setting things up. I have simulated loss of connection on the serial side and several other situations to see if i could get the feedback from the Anybus to match up with anything in the document with no luck. Any assistance with this would be greatly helpful.

Pages 65-69 do not really reflect how the control/status words actually work. I recommend reviewing pages 102-105. You must use the control word to update the status word, there is a flow chart that describes this on page 102.