Reference to develop Socket Interface Object module

Hi there,

I’m working with the CompactCom40 with MODBUS.
The CompactCom40 connected to host via SPI and the MODBUS protocol work well using the ABCC Starter Kit version provided by HMS.

Now I want to use the Socket Interface Object and I know that there is not an example.
Reading the forum I understand that I shoud create software module, something like “soc_obj.c and soc_obj.h” to create the Socket Interface Object and the related istances.

Is there a module that I can use as a reference to implement the Socket Interface Object?

Thank for your time.

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Hi Fedrico,

I think this is what you’re looking for:

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Hello Tim,

thanks you very much for the attachments.

I think they are very useful.

Thanks for your time.
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You’re welcome, let me know if you have more questions.

If anybody else runs into this issue please feel free to send me a message because the link above contains a large file and is only hosted for the next 7 days


Hello Tim,
I’m also interested in socket implementation for my project in which I want to implement EoE protocol on my EtherCAT slave with CompactCom40.

I see the download link is expired, can you upload again the files, please ?

Thank you


PS: if you have more information/examples for a full EoE implementation it’s also useful for me…

Hi @mburlando,

Sorry there was an error with our system and I didn’t see your reply until just recently.

The ABCC supports EoE out-of-the-box which provides the following IT services (each are able to be enabled/disabled individually, details on each are provided in the EtherCAT network guide below)

  • FTP server
  • Web server with SSI and JSON interfaces
  • SMTP Email Client
  • Socket Object
  • Along with support for HMS’ tools based on our Secure Host IP Configuration Protocol (SHICP)

So depending on what you are trying to accomplish in the scope of “EoE”, you may not need the Socket Object.

Alternatively, there is also our Transparent Ethernet ABCC, which can be interfaced with a host’s RMII and gain full control over the non-EtherCAT communication which routed through the EoE protocol to the host RMII. Useage of this functionality disables the native ABCC IT functionality. So if you were looking to host your own web server or other more complex software solutions this may be the more appropriate path, but it requires hardware that has been specifically designed for this functionality (both on the ABCC and host side).


Hi Tim,
thank you for the reply.
To give you a more clear picture, we’re developing an EtherCAT slave using the ABCC40 module and I need to use EoE to communicate with our GUI. This communication is made by a proprietary protocol on UDP.
So from what I’ve understood I need to implement the Socket Interface Object, but if I’ve misunderstood feel free to to tell me which is the best way to accomplish such a communication.
Instead if I’ve correctly understood it would be very useful also for me to have the documentation you uploaded in the past about Socket Interface Object.
Thank you

Hi Matteo,

The socket object would probably be all that you need but there are some limitations depending on the scope of your solution.

We have some documentation on the socket object on page 47 of the same document above


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Hello Tim,
I am starting to develop a Telnet like application. For this, I’ve searched in the documentation information about the Socket Object but I don’t found anything. I’ve see this post and I am also interested in the example you have send to Federico.
Could you send me the example to me too?
Thank you