phone numbers

We use for SMS messaging on alarms, etc. When the messages arrive, they arrive from different phone numbers, even when the messages transmit fairly close in time to one another.

Using, is there a method to set the “from” number or name to always be constant when a message is sent/received? Below is a screenshot showing four messages sent/received in the span of 12 minutes, all from the same eWON, all from four different phone numbers.

Hi @Dean_Nederveld,

We use an email to SMS service provider to provide this functionality to our customers. I can check, but I doubt there is anything we can do about this. I’m sure they need several phone numbers to handle all of the messages they relay. It looks like at least they seem to come from numbers with the first 8 numbers identical.

Some other options If you need to have it always come from the same phone number:

  1. Install a cellular modem in the Flexy with a phone number and SMS plan (a data only plan will not work) to send SMS directly.
  2. Check other email to SMS providers to see if they have the capability to send your messages from a dedicated number.


Thank you for the reply and the offer to check on the ability to have a singular number or contact name represented by the messages the SMS service provider generates.

All our eWON applications use cellular modems, and I thought we tried sending SMS directly but settled on using for simplicity, or perhaps our account setup wouldn’t allow SMS messaging. I will check again on that ability.

We also briefly entertained using Twillo and doing SMS through Amazon Web Services, but, again, was so simple and, also, a no-cost option, that using the relay option was a quick and easy way to initiate the function of SMS.

I look forward to hearing what you find out from the SMS service provider.

Hi Dean,

I checked with the developers and they said we have no control over what numbers are used. Sorry about that.