Reset Password on AB7007

We have an older Anybus AB7007 we use for testing while waiting for our new modules to come in for projects (it’s in the 19xx range for serial number). One of our techs put a password on it and has forgotten it. Can we reset to factory defaults?

I have tried this document: Factory Restore Communicator.pdf (
but I do not see the boot loader jumper when I take off the front cover of the unit.

While we are at it, is there a newer firmware file I should put on it while I am performing the reset?


Solved under ticket #82912.

Thanks Hugh!

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Happy to help!

For anyone who comes across this post, some earlier hardware revisions do not have the jumper in the spot picture in the above document. As a workaround, the requester changed the Protocol Mode set in Anybus Configuration Manager, then downloaded this new configuration to the device. Because changing the Protocol Mode significantly changes the firmware being applied, this effectively performed a factory reset, clearing the forgotten password without having to use the jumper.