Reset Serial Bluetooth adapter


I have a Anybus Wireless Bridge serial Bluetooth that I would like to reset to factory setting. Pressing the “Restore” button on the back of the unit does not seem to help. Could you help?

Thank you

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You need to power up the unit first. During the power up process, select the restore button to reset it to default serial settings.

If the restore button (see Figure 3) is pressed during power on, the default serial
settings as well as the default escape sequence are restored.
The status LED uses the following color indications.
 Green: The current mode is data mode and no connection attempt is in

  • Orange: The current mode is AT mode.
  • Purple: A connection attempt is in progress.
  • Blue: A connection is currently active.
  • Blue Blinking: A connection is active and data is transmitted or received over
  • Red Blinking: Buffer overflow, parity or framing error detected on the UART.