Rockwell Logix5000 to Profinet Boolean and Floating-point Transfer

I have a number of AB7649, EtherNet/IP Adapter - PROFINET-IO Device, gateways going from ControlLogix to Siemens. The system is to be set to transfer boolean and floating-point. The settings are currently to read and write 200 bytes and transmitting boolean and integer values fine. The Siemens PLC is also expecting four-byte floating-point values, and planning on sending four-byte values. How can I go about getting this data transfer?

Hello @Automator59,

The gateway is going to simply be transferring data byte for byte from one interface to the other. What you may need to do is set a default data type for the IO arrays then Alias the data to the correct data types as needed. You may need to perform some byte swapping for the endiness to be correct.


Thank you. I did have to do the byte swapping.

Glad to help, have a great weekend!