RS-232 not communicating Correctly and New Driver File

Hi All,

I have 2 issues.

I would like to recieve the newest firmware file for the AB7001 gateway (serial/devicenet) device, and I am having issue with getting the gateway to recieve data from the serial device I have set up.

I am using the AB7001 to consume data from a serial device that is sending out 3 bytes. However, the anybus device does not show the recieved bytes in the memory register even though I can see the data come over the terminal and it shows up in the logs. I have configured the device in Generic Data mode because the downstream device is generating data approx every 1 secs that I would like to then send to a devicenet master using the Anybus device as a node.

The issue is that at most only 1 byte will be recorded in the Anybus memory register even though I have it set up for a 3byte size, and only 3 bytes are coming over the serial line, specifically 0x555353 (just the number 533). I have tried setting up the data packet as a static and variable data and I still have no results. When I connect to the serial device using a terminal such as teraterm or RealTerm I can see the hex just fine. I am not sure if I need to have terminating characters or if there is some set up on the Anybus that I am missing.

I have previously set up the same AB7001 using Master mode to set up a transaction exchange on a different device.

I have attached the configuration file I am using along with pictures showing the issue. Any help would be appreciated.

smartmotor_serial_to_anybus.cfg (16.0 KB)

Hello Aaron,

There are not dedicated Firmware files for the device you would only need to update Anybus Configuration Manager (ACM) and download a new configuration to update the device.

Since you are seeing data in the log this means layer 1 and 2 are fine, but with no data in the monitor something is preventing it from getting consumed. Since you are seeing some data my guess is that you are having issues with timing. To start I would recommend increasing the message delimiter to about 300. You can also set the offline options for the subnetwork to freeze in case the data is just getting cleared faster then you can see it.