Scheduled Mailbox Deletion

I am wondering, is it possible to run DMWEB API requests from the BASIC IDE on the Ewon Flexy?

What i am trying to do is run a scheduled delete request from my flexy, so that my datamailbox only maintains X hours or days worth of data.

I know there are other ways that I can accomplish this, and I know about the PUTHTTP function in the BASIC IDE. I know that the datamailbox only maintains a few days of data anyway. I just want to go below that default basically. I am wondering if there is anything that would prevent me from implementing this before i dive into it.

Hi David,

I think Requesthttpx might be what you’re looking for with this

Thanks Tim,

I was able to get it setup using your recommendation. You guys are always quick to respond and give good advice.

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Thanks David,

Let me know if you have any other questions