Security concern

Hi there,

Our customer is trying to replace eWon using a LAN cable to plug into their combustion control system, then it terminates in a VLAN which is accessible from their domain authentication server (using port forwarding and firewall rules on their router). So they can get access from their LAN or remotely through the Internet. Is it secure enough?

Hi @jiayuan0727,

I am not sure are can determine for you or your customer if this option is safe. If the Vlan and firewall rules allow anyone to reach the device someone could gain access and control.

You can make adjustments to the ewons firewall and NAT to provide access though it. Routing / Firewall | Ewon Developers This can still open the LAN creating a security risk.

Using a Flexy and the talk2m VPN allows you to control who gets access and uses a secure VPN connection to protect the traffic.