Seeking Seamless Upgrade from AB7007-C to a Newer Model

We are currently using the AB7007-C communication gateway in our industrial setup and are considering an upgrade to a newer model. Our primary requirement is to find a model that is essentially a 1:1 replacement for the AB7007-C, without necessitating any major firmware or configuration file upgrades.

I’ve come across a model called AB7007 available in the market. However, I’m uncertain whether this model is fully compatible with the AB7007-C in terms of firmware and configuration.

Could anyone with experience in this area kindly suggest a newer model that meets these criteria? Your insights would be invaluable in helping us make an informed decision.

The new version of this device is the Anybus ABC3007 and you can import your old configuration files into the device for a “seamless upgrade”.

There is however a difference in the status/control word. Do you know if the status/control word is used?

You can test this with an online emulator here: Anybus product emulator

Select Serial Communicators > ABC3007 > Latest firmware.