Select Operating Mode - behaviour with OM pin settings

Hi experts,

as described in “D.4 Select Operating Mode” it’s possible to config Anybus’ operation mode dynamically from extern.
I have tested an B40 with SPI mode and (using StarterKit board) in ‘hostless’ Shift Register Mode.
Shift Register Mode works as expected and Anybus shows 64 bit (direction configurable) I/O.
If I have a SPI host controller configuration different than 64 bit, switching the operating mode without changing
the bus configuration on master side will result in an error because of configuration mismatch.
Since my intention is to benefit from Anybus’ switch functionality (Shift Register Mode by default,
switched into SPI mode after host controller boot) this could be a problem.

It’s fully clear that the HW needs to manage the different use of OM0 / OM1 pins anyway.

Is there any approach to cover this use case?