Send a graph via emailed report

I would like to send a line or bar graph via email to customers. I have successfully sent html files with the EBD method but graphs and charts are not available in that format. Are there any examples or help files on how to send a Graph or PNG file as it states in the EBD manual?

“• Graph: the data is used to produce a PNG image representing a graph of the values (historical trend or real time graph)”

Hello @bryan,

You will want to set the format of the EBD to $ftG

We have this tool that should help you create the descriptor. After setting the type you should see graph as a format type.
EBD Helper (

Thanks for the information. What I’m not super clear on is how to build the graph for the data to fill in?
How do I create the bar graph or pie chart with the embedded tags to link the data too? Maybe I’m not understanding that portion correctly. Thanks for the help!

The graph it generates is a preconfigured graph that creates a .png file. I should have mentioned in my last post your also need to specify the specific tag.
You could potentially create a custom html file/graph and export that. Can be significantly more complicated. We had someone create this topic that explained one way to do this. HOW TO: Create advanced custom HTML reports - Ewon Support / Basic and Java - (


So I have tried these several graph combinations and all I get is a bunch of gibberish in an email. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?

Sendmail “”, “”, “Test Subject”, “[$dtHL $ftG $st_m10 $et_m0 $fnGraph $tnHeat_Zone_1_Termocouple$ctG]”

Sendmail “”, “”, “Test Subject”, “[$dtHL $ftG $st_m10 $et_m0 $fnGraph $tnHeat_Zone_1_Termocouple]”

Sendmail “”, “”, “Test Subject”, “[$dtHL $ftG $st_m10 $et_m0 $tnHeat_Zone_1_Termocouple]”

It looks like you are trying to open the graph as a text file. Adding .png to the file name should help resolve this issue.


I was forgetting the “&” symbol to make it an attachment.

Sendmail “”, “”, “Test Subject”, “&[$dtHL $ftG $st_m10 $et_m0 $tnHeat_Zone_1_Termocouple]”

Ah good catch I looked right past that.