Send SMS but no ONSMS event

In the console can send and sms message by typing:

sendsms “15551231234,gsm,0” “Test Message”

and it sends (I used my real phone number). But when I send a text message back I never get the ONSMS event to “goto Hsms”. I am using the sample program.

ONSMS “Goto Hsms”

a% = getsys prg,“SmsRead”
IF (a%<>0) then s% = s%+1
print "SMS Nr: ";s%
f$ = getsys prg,“smsfrom”
print "From: ";f$
print getsys prg,“smsdate”
a$ = getsys prg,“smsmsg”
print “Message: “;a$
b$ = f$+”,gsm,0”
c$ = "Received message: "+a$
sendsms b$,c$
goto HSms

Any Idea as to why it is not triggering the ONSMS

Hi @Tmurray

As far as I can tell, this code doesn’t seem to have any issues.

What 3G/4G network are you using? Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T or something else?


Tim It might be better to continue with the thread started by mcn on the same topic. I am working with the same configurations and files.

Ok that sounds good to me. I don’t think we ever ended up hearing back from mcn on that thread so I think this may still be an ongoing issue. I’ll find out what I can for you.

Topic closed due to inactivity.