Server intessi down?

Hi from this morning I don’t have connectivity on my device, the server is down?

No, not that I know of. We haven’t had any reports in the United States. You may want to create a case at to see if your local support team can help you.

I am getting “The requested url was not found on this server” it’s now all day in The Netherlands. Server is not being found!

It may be related to maintenance that was done on Wednesday. Please create a case at so that the AC Cloud team can look into the problem.

Yep down for me as well. App doesn’t work and the Alexa skill is also broken. Already logged a support call.

The Alexa skill should be working now. After the maintenance on Wednesday there was an issue with communication with some of the APIs.

Yess it’s working since Saturday!

OK good. Thanks for the update.