Setting Up Anybus AB7670 with Fanuc Robot as Scanner


I am setting up an AB7670 Anybus controller to talk to a Fanuc Robot. The Robot will be the scanner, so I am looking for the following the information. (I am basically setting up the EDS file manually)

1: Vendor ID (Number)
2: Device Type (Number)
3: Product Code (Number)
4: Assembly instance (input) (Number)
5: Assembly instance (Output) (Number)
6: Configuration Instance (Number)


Hello @Lbehen ,

the AB7670 is an Ethernet/Ip scanner itself. You will most likely need a EIP adapter x-gateway. Possibly an AB7649, this is an EIP adapter to profinet IO device. You will want to review that you have a profinet master/controller on that side, we do not offer a profinet master.

PS the connection info is available in the EDS file.
VendCode = 90;
VendName = “HMS Industrial Networks”;
ProdType = 12;
ProdTypeStr = “Communications Adapter”;
ProdCode = 75;
MajRev = 3;
MinRev = 28;
ProdName = “ABX EtherNet/IP™ Adapter”;
Catalog = “AB76/78/79xx-F”;
input 100
output 150
config 1

Thank you for your quick response!

You’re welcome! Have a great day!