Setting up Anybus Communicator AB7072 as part of fluid filling process

I’m attempting to set up an anybus communicator as part of an automated fuel filling process. I have selected the correct top level network for my device (AB7072 EtherNet/IP and Modbus-TCP -2-Port), but now im not sure how to configure the device per the next steps in the configuration guide to get it to do what I require.

The communicator is terminated between the network point and a fluid fill batch controller. The idea is to configure the communicator to automate the fuel fill volumes through the batch controller. But I am stuck on how to configure the communicator.


What part are you stuck with?

What is the mode that you are trying to implement?

The first step I am stuck on is what protocol mode I should be choosing (i.e Master Mode, Generic or DF1 Master).

Furthermore the further steps in the guide also have me a little stumped e.g configuring the subnetwork/ adding configuring transactions and nodes - basically in need of assistance in configuring/setting up my communicator for my chosen application.

I ha
Fluidfill to Anybus Communicator diagram description.docx (41.5 KB)


We generally offer services for assisting with device set up and configuration.

I would create a ticket in our support portal. You will be matched with a local support technician to assist.