Setting up Nodes on ABC3000-A


I am setting up an Anybus ABC3000-A Gateway to a RMC621 Flow and Energy Meter.
In the configuration manual, it says to insert Nodes in order to correctly configure the device.
Is one node to identify the device sufficient or must a node be added for every reading being measured by the device?
Thanks for your help.

Hi Thomas,

This depends on the communication protocol that the node is using. Is this a Modbus device?

For Modbus, you can create a node and then multiple transactions (read holding registers, write multiple registers, etc.) for that node. Most generic ASCII based protocols will work similarly, but since there are so many proprietary protocols out there, I can’t speak for them all.

There are some videos on the Product Page that show how to set up nodes and transactions. I would recommend reviewing those, especially if this is a generic serial protocol, and let us know if you have any questions about them.