Setup of sim card


We have a product that operates in different countries and therefor my customer sometimes need to change the SIM card.

Can he do that without we give him full access to setup / configuration so that he potentially can copy our work?

The APN can also be configured via the local web page without giving them access to the configuration in argos.
You will need to provide the activation code to log in but this only gives them access to the local config which is used for configuring static WAN setting, the APN for the modem, along with looking at the logs online status.

Here is a previous post I made covering local access.


Okay, this might be acceptable. Are there some place where i can see the setup page?

Regards Peter

The best option would be to connect directly to a Netbiter but here are a few screen shots:

2017-11-09 10_18_42-Netbiter EC350

Thanks :slight_smile: