Sharing data between 2 Flexy using FTP

Ebuddy would be creating a .tar that also allow a tool of ours to pull some additional info that would help me verify its WAN connection. Can you please take a new back up using ebuddy and include support files. This will make it a lot easier for me to sort out what you are doing with the device.

From what I can see the WAN interface for either device is not getting the 192.168.220.xx address that you are trying to reach. The WAN interfaces both appear not is it in that subnet.

Why do you have a NAT route setup on one device and as well as a proxy setup on both of them one is pointing to the address and the other This is most likely added from the FTP connection you are setting up. The reason this is most likely not working is sing the modem IP’s are not what you are expecting or the private network is not what is expected.


Hi Deryck,

I was trying different configuration settings to see if it would stick, apologies for the confusion it caused. Here are the cleaned tar filesMOVED TO STAFF NOTE (176.5 KB) MOVED TO STAFF NOTE (224 KB)


Looking over the backup it looks like everything should be setup correctly. The only think i can guess is that the WAN network is not setup as expected. Are you able to have a PC connected independently to the network? From that PC can you access the ewons webpage? If so try reaching it from the ewons LAN using it as a gateway. You will need to make sure you have the ewon setup for this. Here is a doc with the settings you need to change. How to access the Internet via the Cosy (beside Talk2M VPN) (