Sim Card compatibility


I have a client who bought a new Sim card for is Cosy 131 and the new one don’t work, The old one is a micro sim card and the new one is a nano sim card with an adapter nano to mini. I see that the metal part is more bigger for the old that the new one.

Somebody can help me?


Your client will need to obtain a 3G GSM Standard size SIM card. A possible reason why your client is not able to get online with the SIM card is because it is not falling back to 3G (if it is a 4G card). I would try testing it on a different Cosy and ensuring the SIM card is active.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!


Hey @ashley_hms!

Is it true that the 4G cards will be 4G only and will not have a fallback to 3G? If so, this is pretty silly… It would seem that to have 3G fallback would mean 2 separate cellular cards, 2 separate sim cards, and 2 separate cellular plans.

Hey, @nickTriPhase1!

It really depends on the SIM card and its plan. It is definitely possible depending on the carrier and how the plan is set up. For example, it’s not uncommon for Bell and Enabling Elements to be labeled as 4G LTE but actually fall back to 3G. I was unclear in my original response and I do apologize for that. I will edit my original response.

Thanks for pointing that out to me. :slight_smile:



Sorry I realized that I actually didn’t formulate the question properly. What I meant to say was that the new eWon 4GLTE extension cards are coming out (very exciting), but I’ve heard that the eWon 4GLTE extension card has no capability for 3G signals on it. Is this true?

For example I have the 4GLTE eWon expansion. I put a sim card that supports both 4G and 3G into this slot and activate a plan that allows both 4G and 3G. Is it true that if there is no 4G available, that the 4G expansion card on the eWon is not capable of receiving 3G instead?


The NA 4G LTE extension card does do automatic fallback to 3G, however the Verizon 4G LTE extension card does not.

See data sheet screenshot below:


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