Simatic Shell Configuration

Hi there,
We have two SCADAs attatched to Ewon Flexy VPN and are trying to configure the system for us to do remote downloads.
When we connect to the system on the VPN we can access the machines and the shared folders where the SCADA software is kept. But in order to do the downloads we need to be able to be visible on Simatic Shell (we are using TIA V16 Proffesional). We are selecting the TAPV9 Connection to broadcast on but it shows an I.P of but our LAN on the ecatcher is 140.80.50.XXX, how can we get this connection to work?


THe VPN IP is the IP assigned by the server for your eCatcher connection. It does route the traffic to the LAN ip of the Flexy.

Are you able to ping both IP’s?


Yes we are able to ping the servers when we are on the VPN but unable to get into the network folder and see on Simatic Shell

just to confirm we can get onto the network folder of the SCADA and see all shared folders.
But when it comes to doing a download of the TIA Portal project the error that comes up is the following


Try adding the LAN device in eCatcher. It may require all port communications to be enabled.

Have you tried using both IP’s? VPN IP and the LAN IP?

If you are able to ping the devices, you should be able to communicate with them.

Hi both servers can be seen in the ecatcher vpn setup and we can ping/access network files.
The issue is something to do with Simatic Shell and how that communicates through the SCADA.
This is what is shown in Ecatcher when we remote in
But when we try and connect the Simatic Shell we cannot see the servers, and out I.P is not, instead it shows it as


The is the IP of that specific adapter. So it will be different from the device LAN IP and VPN IP.

Have you reached out to Simatic for assitance for configuring the connection?


not as of yet, was hoping this was something seen before by yourselves. Will raise a support request with them now see if they have come across this before.


I have not seen this kind of issue before, but i will look more in to the issue. Please let me know what Simatic says regarding the configuration of their software.

Hi Kevin,
after talking with Siemens we have managed to get the simatic shell software to work. The remedy was to add the PC we wanted to connect to as a multicast proxy as shown in the image bellow.

Once this is done it allowed us to connect and download the file through TIA Portal.


I am glad that you able to resolve the issue.

Hi Vicent,

I am facing the same problem.

I followed the steps you mentioned. However, the message continues “Check whether the SCS network adapter…”

What do you think it could be?



You may need to reach out to Siemens regarding the setup of the proxy.

DId you add the device in eCatcher?

Hi Kevin,

Yes, I’ve added the device (Scada using WinCC Pro V16) in the eCatcher.


Also, I did like Vicente, in the simatic shell, I added the address as a multicast proxy.

I can ping the address and even put it online. I just can’t download the project.

Thank you,



You will need to reach out to Siemens to get the correct connection running for Simantic. That is their software. Our device is communicating, and functioning as it should.