Some Emails are sending, but no all

I have a FLEXY205 that is sending emails for both alarms and as a part of some custom script. The emails I have setup for the alarms are sending out just fine, but the custom script is not sending. It was before when I first tested the system, but they are not now. I notice I keep getting an event log of “-28611 secu-Authentication failure (From FTP server, )”. Could this have something to do with it? If so, any ideas on how to correct it?

That error would come from trying to connect to an FTP with the wrong credentials, so I don’t think it’s likely to be related to your email issues. When the email is sent by your script, do you see the Send Mail action show up in Diagnostic → Logs → Scheduled Actions?

If not, can you try running the code manually in the console section of the Basic IDE? That should print out an error if there’s a syntax problem. You can also see Basic errors recorded in Diagnostic → Logs → Realtime Logs.

Yes I do see it in my scheduled commands, I tried it hear this morning and this is what I got:
156 Send Mail 0 Success 14/09/2023 07:12:52 14/09/2023 07:12:54

It just doesn’t make it to the other end. Again this is only for the custom script, the alarms are emailing and texting out just fine…

Can you share a backup with support files from this device so we can take a look at its configuration and logs? You can download one from the web interface under Diagnostic → Files Transfer by clicking “Support files” at the top right.

I will make this backup private so its contents, like your code, will be visible only to HMS staff.