Stratix 2500


I have started to use the Cosy so I can have remote access. Does it take the place of using the A-B Stratix 2500 switch to isolate my on machine network?




By default the cosy does not allow access into the LAN network though the WAN. All traffic from the wan is rejected if it does not come the the VPN tunnel.



I am using this on a machine using motion. I need CIP messages allowed through the switch. Will the Cosy allow this?

Here is the list of what the Stratix switch does:

The Stratix 2500 is a lightly managed switch designed for automation systems – has the basics configured out of the box

that you don’t need to change unless you want to implement Security for example. Some of the benefits versus a unmanaged switch:

  1.  Prioritizes traffic – automation devices take priority

a. QoS does the packet prioritization

b. IGMP does traffic control – directs multicast to the ports that need it.

c. Port Thresholds – minimizes impact of packet storms before they impact the entire network

d. Loop Prevention if someone plugs the wrong cable in

  1.  Provide Tools to investigate when there is an issue:

a. SNMPv3 and System Log identifies where errors are coming from so you can easily identify and correct (cable going bad for example).

b. Tools can be viewed through web page or AOP in Studio 5000

  1.  Security (if you want to setup) – can disable ports or control which device is connected (MAC ID)

Ted Neff

Reynolds Engineering & Equipment, Inc.


Hi Ted,

There shouldn’t be any issues forwarding CIP between LAN devices. It will segregate traffic from the WAN but will act the same as the current switch as far as communication between the LAN devices, so it should work fine for this.



Also, just so you know, it is going to act like an unmanaged switch so it doesn’t have all of the features that the Stratix does, like Q0S for example. Were you relying on any of the other features?



I have a Cosy 131 that I sent to a customer location. I set it up and tested it with a wired ethernet connection at our shop and it worked fine. The customer uses a MiFi for his internet access and a wireless network extender to connect the eWon. I can’t get the eWon to communicate to the Talk2M server.



If you are switching the device from a wired to a wireless connection, you need to rerun the Internet Wizard. What happens when you check the Test Internet Address box in the Wizard? Are you getting an error message? Have you tested the wireless connection with another device, like a phone (turn of cellular data when testing.)

Also, keep in mind that the WiFi network need to be password protected (can’t be an unsecured network.)

If you want me to take a look at the logs, use eBuddy to make a backup of the device and make sure to check the box “Include Support Files”.




The Cosy isn’t a wireless unit, it is connected with an ethernet cable to an extender which is connected to the wireless network. Does that matter?


OK, gotcha. Are you able to test another device, like a laptop, on the same connection?

Are you using DHCP or a static IP address? Can you send me a log? (using eBuddy, go to backup/restore, check “include support files” and attach the file here.




Yes, I connected my laptop to the extender and it worked.

DHCP. When I am at the customer’s next time, I will get the log.


Yes, I connected my laptop to the extender and it worked.

DHCP. When I am at the customer’s next time, I will get the log.


OK, thank you. The log will be helpful determining the reason it’s not connecting. It sounds like it might not be getting an IP address from DHCP so if you can, please try a static one, and make sure to use at least one public DNS server ( or, for example).


I talked to eWon tech support about that a little bit. They asked if we can send the log file from the eWon. Can you get the log file out of the eWon?

I have been working with Kyle, I am copying him on this email so we all have each other’s email address.


I’m on phone with their tech support right now, he said we need to change the IP range of to something other than 192.168.1.XXX.


Please let me know if things work out for you to connect to it.

Thank you,





Please let me know if things work out for you to connect to it.

Thank you,