Subnetwork Status enquiry AB-7000


Hi, i have configured the anybus AB-7000 and am able to communicate with siemens PLC through profibus.

I am able to receive data in the PLC but i am curious about the Subnetwork status.

I find that the explanation on the subnetwork status parameters to be vague in the manual and was hoping i could get a better elaboration over here.

I was wondering what this means “Invalid message”, “Frame error”, “Timeout consume”, “Overrun”, “Other Error”.

Thank you.


This is what the errors mean:

Invalid message - received message which does not match any of the consume or response messages defined in your sub-network configuration.
Frame error - The end character is enabled, but a message delimiter timeout occurs prior to receiving it. In other words, the message isn’t complete.
Timeout consume - No message received before the timeout time set elapsed.
Overrun - A buffer overrun where a node returned more data than expected.
Other error - An unknown error.


Hi Kyle,

Thank you for the explanation.

So my assumption is there will be some verification done when receiving message but will the received message be discarded if it falls under the category of any of these error?


Yes, if you are using Modbus commands (Query/Response), the message is basically discarded if there is an error.


Hi Kyle,

How about Generic Data Mode, (consume/produce)?


No, there is no master-slave relationship between the nodes on the sub-network and the gate-way. Any node (including the gateway) may spontaneously produce or consume a message. Nodes are not obliged to respond to messages, nor do they need to wait for a query in order to send a message.


Thanks kyle.