Suddently can't not connect directly to efive by LAN Port

Hi HMS Supporter,

I’m implementing Remote network and VPN architecture solutions using the eWON eFive, i have a computer connected directly to eFive LAN Port and I connected to remote Client (eWon Flexy) successfully. But suddenly i can not log in to efive web-based, i even can’t Ping to LAN IP, but the weird things that i totally access to Remote client through VPN. But after reboot eFive everything back to normal. [i’m in the demonstration stage to our “Remote network and VPN architecture solutions” to potential customers, so each issue needs to be fixed as soon as possible].

Thank you in advanced!

Hi @tan_nguyen,

Could you give me a drawing of the network layout of the eFive/Ewon network with IP addresses and subnet masks?


Hi Tim,

Thank you for your response, i sent you a Architecture and Flexy Backup file in message, please check for that.


I just realized that after eFive running for awhile i cannot access to its webpage, still able to access or connect to client and functioning normally but cannot access to its config webpage unless i unplug all the clients

Hi Phi,

Could you send me a picture of the network layout with the IP addresses for the eFive / Ewon devices behind the eFive? Could you also tell me the subnet mask that you’re using for these and if the devices are responding to pings?


Hi, my colleague has sent you the file
Thank you, best regard

Hi Phi and Tan,

From what I can see, it looks like this setup should be good. Let me try and escalate this with a colleague in Belgium and see what I can find out for you


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Hi Tim,

Thank you for your support, i hope we will find out the problem soon, we are running a trial of this solution with the customer, any problem will put us at a disadvantage against competitors.

Thanks and Best regard

Hello @tan_nguyen ,

Reviewing this issue with some colleagues we are not sure what would be the issue here. I am wondering if something is not being explained clearly or something in the local PC setup is being overlooked.
Do you have a static IP on the Pc connecting locally? What is the gateway setup for?


Hi Deryck,

Yes, i set static IP on PC connecting locally, on PC I set default gateway is LAN IP of efive.
I noticed that at the time i connect to efive remotely by eGrabit, i can’t not connect to efive LAN port, then i disconnect from eGrabit, everything back to normal. But after that sometimes even no one connect to efive by eGrabit, i can’t ping IP Lan Port locally anymore. I have to restart efive everything back to normal.

Thank for your support!

Thanks for the update sounds like something could have been wrong with the routing or IP address in the e5. Glad to hear the reboot resolved the issue.


Hi Deryck,
But with the current situation, while i have SCADA connected to Efive LAN port, how can i connect remotely through eGrabit?
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Hi @tan_nguyen,

When you are connected to the e5 are you able to reach the VPN IP of the ewons? Is this in the same subnet as the e5’s LAN?


Hi @deryck_hms,
yes i can reach VPN IP of the Ewon and NAT 1:1 IP of PLC connected to Ewon. A strange thing is i can’t ping to IP of Efive Lan port but i can fully reach Ewon and PLC by VPN IP when connecting Laptop and efive directly through LAN port.

Thank you!

This sounds like a routing issue with the PC/Scada. It sounds like making the connection to the remote Ewon adds a conflicting route to the routing table perhaps.

Also, I’m curious what the problem is for the customer? Do they have to reach the web server of the E-Five while connected to a remote Ewon? Is there something else that isn’t working?

If you want help with the routing problem, please provide the following.

  1. Output of ‘route print’ (from command prompt) on PC when not connected to remote Ewon (when you can ping the E-Five and reach the web server)
  2. Output of ‘route print’ from PC after connecting to remote Ewon (when you start having this problem)
  3. Output of ‘ipconfig /all’ from PC
  4. Logs from E-Five
  5. Also, if possible, Connect a switch between the PC and the E-Five and mirror the traffic to another port where you can run Wireshark and get a pcap

Thank you,