Support request for IXXAT USB-to-CAN V2 Pro


Good morning,

I’m using an interface IXXAT USB-to-CAN V2 Pro: in a my previous laptop (with Win7 Ultimate, 64bit), in order to use this device with MTU Diasys system, I’ve installed the driver VCI V2.20.855.0 together with VCI, and it was works fine.

Now I’ve to change my laptop (with WIN7 PRO 64bit) but I can find only the version VCI V4.0.856.0 or VCI V4.0.709.0, but the device are not recognized from the system.

Pleas can you help me, in case with provided me the VCI driver version.

Thanks in advance for your attention.


Hi Vincenzo,

You need to also install the VCI V2 API-Addon which can be found on the VCI V4 Support Page.



Good morning Kyle,

just a question. I’ve to install the VCI V2 and VCI V4 with the VCI V2 API-Addon, or just VCI V4 with ADDON?




Just the latest version of VCI V4 with the V2 API Add-on.


Hello Kyle,

just for information: it wasn’t possible to solve with using the V2 API Add-on. At the end, after some attempts, I’ve solved using the VCI V.2.20.855.0 together they VCI V3.5.2.4072.

Anyway, thanks for your support.


Interesting, thanks for letting me know!