T-Mobile customers can't connect

Is there a fix to allow T-Mobile users to access Ewon devices while on the cellular network?

To clarify, are you trying to use eCatcher Mobile to connect to your Ewon from a cell phone using T-Mobile?

What kind of cell phone do you have?

Can you ensure eCatcher Mobile is fully updated?

Is M2Web an option for you? This will allow you to access the Ewon and LAN devices using HTTP, VNC, or RDP via the web browser. M2Web can be found at m2web.talk2m.com and information on configuring LAN devices for M2Web access is available here: https://hmsnetworks.blob.core.windows.net/www/docs/librariesprovider10/downloads-monitored/manuals/application-user-guide/aug-0058-00-en-m2web-browser-based-mobile-remote-access.pdf?sfvrsn=788748d7_15

Yes; it is a remote access system that Washworld carwash equipment utilizes for customers to have access to their equipment.

  1. Login to the ecatcher application
  2. Once connection is established then utilize a Vijeo Design’Air app to view the GUI.

However the connection is neve established because the Ewon drops the connection. In previous research the issue seems to be that T-Mobile is exclusively IPv6 and the Ewon is not compatible.

I can confirm the Verizon, and ATT do not have the connection issues.

If a T-Mobile user is connected to wifi they have no issues. Only when on the T-Mobile cellular network.

Thanks for the additional information. Unfortunately the fix for eCatcher Mobile with IPv6 is still in development, and I don’t have a timeline available for it. In the meantime, you may want to see if the HMIs being accessed via VDA also support generic VNC. If so, they can be configured to work with M2Web, which will allow access via the browser on devices using T-Mobile’s network.