Tag Group Logging

Good morning,

I have been testing a batch logging system and am having an issue.
I am trying to set and log a certain tag when a batch starts or stops which I can do with an ONCHANGE.
However after this, this start tag (no tag group) is also logged when I call LOGGROUPIO.
The value is logged the same as it were before (true) instead of not logged or its current value (false).
I need this tag to only be logged once per start/end when I call it through my script, how can I accomplish this? Ideally it would show ‘undefined’ when not logged (or 0). My tags from other tag groups seem to behave in a similar way, logging one group copies the last log of tags in other groups.


Are you specifying a group when you are calling ‘LOGGROUPIO’? As long as you are specifying the group, it should only log tags in that group.

I was calling “LOGGROUPIO ‘A’”. The historical log from the flexy gui showed all tags being logged at the time I ran the code but only the A group being updated, same as if I logged only a single tag.

I’ve reworked my code to work differently, accounting for this.

Thanks for the update.