Tag Setup For Allen Bradley PLC

Hi Everyone!

We’re setting up an eWon Flexy router with an Allen Bradley PLC.
We need to set up some tags in the eWon Flexy, that will be got from an array defined in the PLC program.
We will be setting up this very soon, but we want to validate the format to get the tags values from the PLC in the router, so we don’t lose time during the setup process.

Suppossing the PLC will be on IP address, and each sensor data coming from the PLC will be stored in a position of an Array called “RemoteData”, we want to create a Router tag for each position at the array.

For instance, let’s say we want to set up a tag at the router for accessing the position 11 of the array. Will the following configuration be fine?

Will that be enough to get the values from the PLC or do we need to configure another section of the router somewhere else?

Thanks in Advance

Hello @alessandro,

It looks like that should work but it depends where the tag is set up. You will want to include what tag in the array you want to read.
It should looks something like PROGRAM:program_name.symbolic_name[2],,1,1

If it is a controller tag you will not need to include the PROGRAM:program_name
Represents location in array
The IP address port and slot if this is not set up in the IO server.

So you could also end up with a tag that is just the tag name: TAG or TAG[1]

Page 20 of the following PDF provides more details.
AUG-045-0-EN-(Polling Data Registers from Allen-Bradley PLCs).pdf (1.6 MB)


Thanks Deryck, we will try with that.

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