Talk2M Pro Users, Groups Pools etc How-to

I’ve kind of been able to find some documents on how to set up users, groups, pools, etc for giving end users access to only a specific set of eWONs, but a lot of the documents I’ve found seem really old so I want to make sure I have the latest info.

So, I found AUG-057, in which section 5 looks like it describes adding users and assigning them to a group. Is this the latest version of that guide?

Then, it seems to try to point me to a different document to learn how to use pools and roles. When I follow the hyperlink I’m redirected to the support page. However, I can see from the hyperlink that it’s supposed to take me to AUG-028 which I was then able to find through google. Seems like sections 3 and 6 are the relevant ones. Is that correct and is that also the latest version?

Basically I need a quick and easy guide to send to a customer who wants to know how to get started creating a login for their customer to use to log in and see only their own eWON units and not any other ones. Are these two documents the best and most recent I can offer them or is there

Hey Tom,

From what I can find, the Aug-057 is the most recent version of that document. We haven’t had too many changes to talk2M pro other than the new inclusion of eCatcher Mobile