Talk2M service not found ( but running in Services )

I have a customer with an issue regarding Talk2M VPN service not been found. But running in Windows Services.

Initial inquiry:
I am getting some problems with my e-Catcher program.
I have tried the things suggested on the website.

But I am still getting the error shown on the screenshot.

they are using McAfee Internet Security and have been advised at change setting to help with this issue at C:\Program Files (x86)\eCatcher-Talk2M\Talk2mVpnService\conf\Talk2MVpnService.ini

Error log also attached.
thank you for any help
ecatcherError.log (522.8 KB)

Advised by who? What did they change?

I would recommend un-installing eCatcher, disable McAffe, re-install eCatcher.

McAffe is used on the company laptop but shall advise.

I believe it was another form our company an it was advised to change in the attached image.

I’m not sure why they would need to change that. If they can’t disable McAffe they will at least have to make sure eCatcher is allowed.

I would still recommend re-installing and keeping the default settings.