Tech Support for Intesis Modbus RTU to Bacnet IP

I need some support on changing the ip address of my intesis controller to integrate it into my BMS. i downloaded MAPS but do not have a log on password.


The default password is admin.

If you connect via USB, you don’t need the password.

You can find more info about how to use MAPS in the User Manual.

it already has a config in it im trying to change. what should i try next

If you don’t have the password, you will have to reset it.

To do a factory reset and restore to default state:

  1. Remove power
  2. Hold down A + B buttons on face plate
  3. Restore power while holding buttons and keep holding buttons until LEDs all flash at once, showing reset has started.
  4. Then release buttons and wait; LEDs do a runway dance, then it’s finished.