The german characters

Hi Team,
i have a problem when i try to write a Tag in eWON with german characters.The issue is when i use some german characters on a Tag Description.

  • I’m using a java Program to write a Tag on eWON (TagName, TagDescription…)

  • When i save the new Tag in eWOM using ‘‘SCB.saveBlock()’’.
    eWON get the new Tag but in the Tag Description i see a wrong character instead the german correct one

I’m using the Firmware version: 14.3, i think it’s the most recent!

Hello PGlecy,

thank you for reporting this!

here are some workarounds for now:

  • you could choose not to use special characters
  • you could use Basic Code instead (the procedure works in Basic)
  • or you could run Basic Code from Java like this:

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

ChangeTagDescription(“MEM1”, “Testäù”);
static void ChangeTagDescription(String TagName, String Description) throws EWException
“SETSYS TAG, ‘LOAD’, '”+TagName+"’\r\n"

  • “SETSYS TAG, ‘DESCRIPTION’, '”+Description+"’\r\n"
  • “SETSYS TAG, ‘SAVE’\r\n”, “adm:adm@192.168.x.x”);

This is pushing a File via FTP that runs the BASIC code that is put inside 1 Time.
(to send a File via FTP you need to set the correct LAN IP and User credentials that are allowed to change Files via FTP)