Transfer WinCC Unified Project over eWON VPN

Hello, I tried to transfer WinCC Unified PC project in TIA Portal.
I set Firewall setting to high, and enable PLC discovery and it is working. I can discover every device, even an WinCC unified station (piniging the station also works) but when i try to connect to WinCC Unified PC, connections fails.

What can i do?

Hi @Scyzoryk,

Have you followed the instructions in this document?

Remote Access for Siemens PLC(s) Through TIA Portal

I don’t have specific information for WinCC, but if you create a case at, they will be able to help you with it.

Hello! Yes, of course. I have connection to my PLC, only online transfer to WinCC seams to be a problem. However, I learned that I can transfer WinCC Unified project offline by coping project to virtual SD card, transfer files over RDP and load project locally via remote desktop.