Unable to connect to ELAN over serial ascii


I followed these direction provided by ELAN but i can’t get thermostat data .
Looking at the logs i noticed it says signal not found.
SERIAL [Rx]>D0067?
SERIAL ** Processing command **
SERIAL Signal name not found
SERIAL [Rx]>D0067

I am following there instructions. http://elanware.net/ecp/drivers/BACnet_Integration_Notes_DRAFT.pdf

If you see the query coming into the log this is most likely caused by the ASCII string not matching what the ELAN box is using. They might be assuming our default strings are for matted one way but we could have updated something breaking the process.

Try adding a > at the start of the string. It looks like this might be the format changed. rather then >D0067 it should be D0067 .