Unable to connect to web interface after firmware upgrade

Hello, I am using the Anybus Wireless Bolt Ethernet RJ75. I upgraded 17 bolts from firmware 1.6.3 to 2.03.02 due to dropped wireless connections. After upgrading the firmware, I can no longer access the web interface over the network. (Before the upgrade, I had no issues connecting to the web interface.) I can only access it by directing connecting a laptop to the bolt.

I’m using the bolt to connect a PLC to the wireless network. I have no issues with the device connection. However, when I ping the bolts, I either get a “destination host unreachable” or “request timed out” response. When I try to access the web interface, it says it has timed out due to no response.

Here are the ping and tracert results for the bolt ( The connected device is
M3 Anybus and Device

Here are the ping and tracert results for the bolt ( The connected device is
M4 Anybus and Device

I have tried:

  • cycling power
  • rebooting the bolt
  • performing factory reset & reconfiguring the settings
  • using the Firmware Manager to re-upload the firmware file in recovery mode

Is there a way to fix this?

How are you configuring the Bolt? Keep in mind that if you are doing Layer 2 bridging you will not be able to reach the web interface as stated in the User Manual:


Hey Kyle,

The bolt is configured as a client doing layer 2 cloned MAC. I think I missed this in the manual. Thank you!

You’re welcome @Michelle. Because it is acting as a bridge, it no longer has a usable address on that interface. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Makes sense. Thank you for your help!

You’re welcome!