Unable to Log into Any Talk2M Accounts

I cannot access any of my Talk2M accounts. I get the error Failed to connect to Talk2M. I have changed nothing, and was connected the day before. We have many customer machines with these installed and we are no longer able to service them. I cannot even get on the Ewon.biz websites. I don’t understand what could have changed.

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Hello Lisa,

Please check if you if your PC firewall, and/or AV could be blocking the connection.

Have you tried accessing your accounts from a different computer?

Yes I have tried on 3 different computers. I have to use a different network to even get on the website. I do not know enough about internet to figure out what changes to it would possible cause this. After posting this I tried hotspotting my phone and was able to connect.

I have set my wifi DNS to and it works now. I don’t understand what changed that I needed to do this though.

Hello Lisa,

Most likely the issue is the DNS server you were connecting to did not have the Domain Name Resolution to connect with our Servers.