Unable To start the samsung scan process

Hello, when I start scanning units using Intesis MAPS, I got an error message ''Unable to start the Samsung scan process"
Your help would be helpful to me.

Samsung unit needs to be configured to accept “Central Control”.

To properly communicate with the Intesis, take into account following considerations:

  • Samsung NASA AC network allows for both automatic and manual addressing. Manual addressing of both indoor and outdoor units must be setup by Samsung installer in order that Intesis communicates properly. Manual addressing is setup by means of DIP switches in outdoor unit and using the remote controller or DIP switches in the indoor unit.
  • Samsung NASA indoor units need to be configured to accept ‘central control’. To do so, they need to be configured with so-called ‘installation option code’ in which segment 5 of this code needs to be set to value ‘1’ to allow central control. Connect the Samsung NASA bus to connectors A3 (R1/+), A4 (R2/-) of gateway’s PortA. Respect the polarity

For more information about how to do this, contact Samsung:

• Samsung Tech Support:
• 1-888-699-6067

• Samsung Small Business Academy [SBA]:
• This link will take the person to SBA, once they login, or create an account they will be taken directly to the training. Just let them know if they don’t have an account it can take anywhere between 4 -24 hour to get access, depending on how many accounts we are trying to vet and approve that day.
• This resource offers training videos for Samsung BACnet Multi-Unit and Modbus 1:1 solutions

• Intesis Product on Samsung Website:
• This resource offers Documentation and links to SBA training.

thanks for information, but A3 and A4 used for knx.

Please create a case at support.hms-networks.com to work with your local Intesis experts on this.

I restart the outer unit, and I start the scan, he finds all the units,
Thanks for all your help.

OK great - thanks for the update!

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