Updating Certificate of ewon

Good day

I have taken advise from Support on how to update the Certificate of one of our old ewon

We have connected to the ewon with a laptop and also plugged in the internet cable to the ewon. The internet is proper because i can access the ewon website with support when i click on the link for updating certificate.

We bought a SD card that fit in the ewon flexy. I checked and the format is FAT32 as described in the documents. So I inserted the SD card in the Card reader and the laptop could pick it up. It was totally clean and new. I then opened ecatcher and then clicked on the properties of the ewon that needs a certificate update . Then I clicked on the talk2M button , copied the activation key to clipboard and clicked on the setup wizard.

It asked me for the IP and the Gateway of the ewon . After this it says file saved to SD card

I do put the SD card in the Ewon with the Internet cable connected, I try to look for the USR light to flash but takes a while before it does it and then when it is stable i remove the SD card , but the ewon Does not reboot

I tried to do the same without the Internet cable and it reacted the same.

I then left if for 3 to 5 min and i would then reboot the ewon without the SD . That did not work . I then left the SD card in the Ewon and then reboot it with The SD card inside but still my ectacher says certificate needs to be updated. And i cannot connect to it. The ewon is on site with the customer , i log in to do this but no success.

Any other way of doing it ? The ewon cannot take a sim card.


The SD card should be detected right away. Do use see the usr ever flash when the card is inserted? Do you know what firmware is on the device. If the firmware is very old you may need to first update the firmware.

aug-0062-00-en-easy-commisionning-via-sd-card-or-usb-drive.pdf (windows.net)

Hi Deryck

Thank you for this , i will try this Tomorrow and get back to you .