Usb to CAN 2 CAN to USB

I am trying to create a code to send the data through CAN bus. To check that everything works I have two laptop and in each laptop, I have connected one USB to CAN v2 device. To connect both USB to CAN device, I have use a D9 connector.

When I tried to send the data no light on CAN led. Can I do this test or I forgot to add something between these two devices?

Thanks in advance for your help

You will need to make sure that the pinouts are correct, and you still need termination resistors.

First of all thanks for your support.

I have to put one of this in each side?

Yes, each side should have a terminating resistor. Make sure the cable is pinned correctly. If you are using a prebuilt DB9 cable, you have to consider if it’s a null modem cable or a straight cable.